If someone smokes everyone is instructed to look at him

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If someone smokes, everyone is instructed to look at him

The government of the country has taken the initiative to make the city of Hong Kong tobacco free. For this, first, a novel step has been taken. And that is, if someone smokes, everyone will look at him negatively.

This was stated by the country's Minister of Health Professor Lo Chung-mau.

The health minister said, 'If someone smokes a cigarette in a non-smoking area, everyone should look at that person negatively. It is not likely to 'backfire'.

In a meeting of the Health Services Panel of the Legislative Council last Friday, he said, 'Cigarettes can harm everyone's health. When we see people smoking in smoke-free areas, even if no law enforcement officers are immediately present, we may view smokers negatively.'

The health minister also said, 'When someone smokes a cigarette in a restaurant, everyone there can look at that person. I don't really accept that that individual would try to hit back at everybody in the café. Because, they are just looking.'

Lo Chung-Maui said the move would help create a 'smoke-free culture' in the city. Take standing in line at a bus stop as an example. No one would say that laws are needed to force people to stand in line.'

Source: Sky News

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