How to use Facebook Off Facebook Activity option

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How to use Facebook's 'Off Facebook Activity' option


Using the Off Facebook Activity option

Several days ago, Facebook opened the 'Off Facebook Activity' option for their users. You can find this option at Settings & Privacy->Settings->Your Facebook Information->Off-Facebook Activity.

Here you will find the list of websites or mobile apps of several business organizations. These are the list of business services that you use through a web browser or mobile apps. This could be shopping websites or mobile apps, communication websites or mobile apps, such as Skype, or any other websites or mobile apps that you use in your daily life, such as Uber. Even all the games you play with Facebook ID on mobile will be in this list.

By now, you may be wondering, what is actually happening in this new feature? Facebook lets you know which businesses are sharing your information with Facebook with this new feature. This feature will show you the data collected from your last 180 days of web and mobile activity.


By sharing this information, businesses decide what kind of offer they will give you when you use their website or mobile app later, what kind of offer you will be happy to receive from them.

And Facebook decides, from this information, what kind of ads you would like to see on your timeline.

For example, if you clicked on an ad, which was a jewelry ad, from now on, Facebook will show you the jewelry ads it has. By sharing this type of information, businesses help each other find customers online.


The information you can see in 'Off Facebook Activity' will not be seen by anyone else. If you want to see this list, Facebook will ask you for a password, so no one can see your list except you.

This 'Off Facebook Activity' option doesn't just show you a list of businesses. This option allows you to control the sharing of this information. If you want, you can select Facebook will know your information from some business organizations. You can likewise clear this rundown, assuming that you need.


Facebook also gives you the option to stop sharing this information about this option. If you disconnect your account from this feature, all information you've shared will not be deleted, but no one will know that it's gone from you.

This does not mean that you will not see any ads from Facebook. Facebook will stop showing only personalized ads for you, you will only see normal ads on Facebook.

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