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World Cup football is a strange story

World Cup football

World Cup football is a strange story

World Cup without qualifiers, Europe's reluctance

The 1930 World Cup held in Uruguay had no qualifiers. FIFA invited almost all countries to play there. But the whole of Europe showed no interest in the World Cup to avoid the economic crisis and the risk of crossing the Atlantic Ocean in the Latin country of Uruguay. France, Belgium, Yugoslavia and Romania signed up for the World Cup on the last day of entry, possibly due to the intervention of FIFA president Julerim.

In the country without playing the World Cup, because of the exam

The participating countries took the first World Cup in a picnic mood. How little it mattered to them can be seen in one incident. Argentina team captain Manuel Feira was a law student. After playing two matches in the group stage, he returned to the country due to exams.


Fight with the ball

Argentina and Uruguay were the first to land at the highest altitude. At that time there was no such thing as 'official ball' in the game. Alternately, the team brought the ball, hoping they would play two sides. There was a fight about this before the start of the match. Later, the referee used two balls in two halves.


Italy's ruler is the referee selector

The second World Cup was held in Italy in 1934. The country was then under the fascist rule of dictator Benito Mussolini. Due to Mussolini, many controversies arose in the second World Cup. It is said that the ruler of Italy, he used to select the referees for the Italian matches in the World Cup. Many say that Italy won the World Cup because of his direct intervention.


Adolf Hitler's occupation of the World Cup

The third World Cup was held in France in 1938 in the midst of World War II. Austria did not qualify for the World Cup due to Adolf Hitler's occupation, despite qualifying for the semi-finals. Austria was occupied by Nazi Germany before the World Cup. In the quarter-final match against France, the Italian team came under heavy criticism for wearing black shirts and giving a fascist salute before the start of the match. The black shirt was then the symbol of Italy's fascist paramilitary forces. Mussolini's Italy took home the trophy as usual.


India's refusal to play the World Cup

 After 1938, due to World War II, the World Cup could not be held in 1942 and 1946. The fourth World Cup took place in Brazil in 1950. 16 teams participated in the World Cup. India got the opportunity to play in the first World Cup. But at that time, All India Football Federation (AIFA) did not take that opportunity. Many people say that India wanted to play barefoot in the World Cup. India did not send the team because FIFA did not give it. But the fact is, AIFA gave more importance to the Olympics than the World Cup. Apart from that, the cost of traveling from India to Brazil was also a big factor.


The Maracana Tragedy

Brazil and Uruguay met in the final of the 1950 World Cup. If the match was drawn, the title would have been confirmed in Brazil. Brazil was so hopeful of winning the World Cup that on the day of the final, the Brazilian daily O Mundo printed a picture of the Brazilian team and headlined it, 'These are the world champions!'Told teammates to urinate on copies of newspapers! Varela said this to show the confidence of the team. In the final, in front of millions of home fans, Uruguay celebrated by defeating Brazil 2-1. Brazilians were so overwhelmed by the incident that fans committed suicide by jumping off the roof of the Maracanã Stadium after the final. In Portuguese, this tragedy is known as 'Maracanajo'.



In 1954, the fourth World Cup was held in Switzerland. First World Cup match televised. Ferenc Puskás' Hungary was the hot favorite in this World Cup. With Sandor Koksis, Nander Hidekooti and Zoltan Sibor, this team was undefeated for 29 consecutive matches before the World Cup final. This almost 'invincible' team was dragged to the ground by Germany in the final of the 1954 World Cup. Despite leading 2-0 in the match, Hungary lost 4-3.


Brazil and the emergence of Pelé

Sweden held the FIFA World Cup in 1958. This World Cup is famous for the emergence of a football wizard named Pelé. This World Cup is also famous for Brazil's emergence as the world's best team. Garincha, Bhava, Didi, Jagalo and Pele's skills brought home the title for the first time.

The Sweden World Cup was arranged by the CIA

Some journalists in Sweden discovered a strange theory about the 1958 World Cup. According to them, the entire World Cup was arranged - sitting in the United States or the result of this World Cup was decided by the American intelligence agency - CIA. As part of the global conspiracy, the CIA wanted to see the power of television programs, how much the programs can affect the common people! However, this theory later proved to be wrong and ridiculous.


Battle of Santiago

The 1962 World Cup in Chile was not liked by many. Especially European countries. Argentina also agreed with the Europeans in this regard. At first, however, the Latin countries made a veiled threat to FIFA with the World Cup of 62 - if it is organized in Europe, they will boycott the World Cup together. FIFA acceded to the Latin nations' demands, but the World Cup was hosted by relatively new power Chile. Not only the European countries, but also the football powers of the Latin region, did not like FIFA's decision. The rivalry became evident in the Chile-Italy match in the second match of their group stage. Before that match, some Italian journalists wrote some articles in their newspaper denigrating Chile. The writings contained hatred towards Chile. Chilean footballers were so angry inside. The match was full of fights. Spectators watched wrestling instead of football that day. Many times, the police had to enter the field to stop the players from fighting. In history, that match is called 'Battle of Santiago'. It may be mentioned that he introduced red and yellow cards in FIFA football matches immediately after the match.


When the 'hero' of the World Cup is a dog

England won the World Cup at home in 1966. But the real 'hero' of this World Cup is a dog named Pickles. Because this dog saved the honor of the organizers. Just before the start of the World Cup, the Julerime trophy was stolen from an exhibition. Just when everyone had given up hope of the Julerime trophy after much searching, Pickles recovered the newspaper-wrapped trophy from a roadside bush in London.


Brazil's third title, villain Bobby Moore

Brazil will go on to win the World Cup with arguably the best team in history. Former champion England got into some trouble before the start of the World Cup - England captain Bobby Moore was arrested for stealing a bracelet from a jewelry store in Colombia. Goalkeeper Gordon Banks suffered food poisoning after drinking beer before the quarter-final against West Germany, despite carrying his own food from the country to Mexico. Later, when Durbar Pele overshadowed everything, Carlos Alberto, Jairjinho, Gerson, Claudevaldo, Rivelino's Brazil won the World Cup for the third time and took the Julerime trophy forever.

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