Why does anger decrease when you kick in the door

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Why does anger decrease when you kick in the door?

There is another reason that closing the door reduces anger. The sound of the door helps balance the mind. This creates a sense of guilt, which reminds us that maybe even a small mistake could have been made by you. Generally, teenagers are more prone to slam doors in anger.

Got angry and didn't bang on the door - very few people have ever had that happen in their lives. The furniture that faces the most wrath in the world is the door. If you notice, you will see that most people express their anger by slamming the door of the house when they are angry, and many people also kick. Interestingly, after doing this for a while, the anger started to subside.

Have you ever wondered why people do this? You will be surprised to know that psychology works behind it. Let's know the details-

Banging the door when angry is scientifically called 'Doorway Effect'. According to science, it is an expression of anger and it reduces anger. The reason behind the reduction of anger is that when we reach from one door to another, the cause of anger begins to weaken and this also affects the anger itself.

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That is, whenever a person passes through the house and reaches the door, forget the old thing. This happens in a very short period of time. But this time is enough to reduce the anger.

In 2006, Gabriel A. Radvensky primarily studied the doorway effect. Where 300 people were tested first. Studies have shown that when people cross doors from one room to another, memories of the previous room are temporarily blurred. In fact, the anger remains the same, only the change of place makes it lighter. This is why depression patients are often advised to walk around.

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