Smartphones running Android 15 OS can be found even when turned off

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Smartphones running Android 15 OS can be found even when turned off

Google will announce several new features including Android 15 operating system (OS) at the 'Google IO 2024' conference held on May 14. According to technology analysts, Google is going to add new features to easily find lost smartphones in the new version of Android. Using this facility, even if the smartphone is off or not connected to the Internet, it can be easily found.

It is known that certain hardware must be attached to the smartphone to report the location of the device when it is turned off or not connected to the internet. And so initially this facility will not be available in Android smartphones made by all companies. However, the updated version of the Pixel smartphone made by Google has this facility. Google may also announce the new model Pixel phone at the conference.

According to technology analysts, when this new feature of Android is launched, the smartphone will be able to send signals through Bluetooth even when it is turned off. It can identify the location of the lost smartphone by detecting the Bluetooth signal through other nearby smartphones. In addition to this new facility, Google may also make major announcements about artificial intelligence (AI) at the conference.

Source: Tech Radar

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