Asleep during the day is good for the brain

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Asleep during the day is good for the brain

Regular daytime naps are good for the brain, say researchers at University College London. This sleep helps keep the brain bigger for longer. But for that, he should sleep less than half an hour a day.

Researchers say daytime sleepiness is difficult in many professions. Existing work culture often ignores the importance of some sleep during the day.

Researcher Victoria Garfield said their suggestion is that everyone can potentially benefit from this sleep. He described the results of the research as excellent, extraordinary.

The brain naturally shrinks with age. However, more research is needed to determine whether sleep can help prevent diseases like Alzheimer's.

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Overall brain health is important for preventing dementia. Sleep disturbances are linked to dementia.

According to researchers, sleep problems gradually damage the brain. This causes inflammation in the brain. Affects connections between brain cells.

Researcher Valentina Paz said that regular short naps during the day can protect people from neurodegeneration by making up for the lack of sleep.

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