The smart gun of the future

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The smart gun of the future 

The smartphone is an indispensable device nowadays. It has brought a great change in the use of mobile phones. The device has become very popular around the world in a short period of time. Because many features are available in this one device. Similarly, smartwatch is also a popular device. It also has several features.

Smart guns and smart guns are coming like smartphones, smartwatches and smart TVs. In this world of modern weapon, which is a revolutionary invention.

But why the name Smart Gun? Because no one can operate it except the owner of the gun. Will work only with the owner's fingerprint and facial image. No one else would be able to fire the gun, even if it was pulled a hundred times.

Scientists first came up with the idea of making smart guns in 1990. That thought needed to go through numerous contentions.

The fantasy of researchers has worked out as expected in the possession of an organization in Colorado, America. According to media reports, the company is going to bring the smart gun on the market by December.

There is already no end of curiosity among people about the market value of smart guns. It is known that the price of smart gun can be 1 thousand to 500 US dollars.

The Colorado-based company was founded in 2014. It started making smart guns that year by raising multicore funds.

The company, based in Broomfield, Colorado, says it has developed the world's first biometric smart gun. The gun has a 'Fingerprint Unlocking System'. Along with that, there is a facial recognition or face unlocking system. The agency hopes the technology will reduce the number of gun crimes.

Company founder Kai Kloiffer said thousands of people around the world have started pre-ordering to get this weapon. Although the number of American residents is more among them.

Note that Biofire`s 9 mm smart guns will only work if it 'recognizes' its owner. That is, only the gun's 'lock' can be opened with the help of the owner's fingerprint and facial image. Just as seen in opening the 'lock' of a smartphone.

The company also informed that a camera will be installed behind the gun. If the camera recognizes the owner's face, the gun will automatically unlock.

According to the company's website, our 9 mm Smart Gun locks when released. No one else can fire that gun without the owner's permission. Just the proprietor of the weapon can discharge. Even if the firearm accidentally falls into the hands of a child or a criminal, there is no danger of harm.

The company's website also says, "This gun has a 'Built-in Fingerprint' and a '3D Facial Recognition System' for identity verification in any situation." So, there is no chance of an error. »

Various features of smart guns can be controlled through technology, according to the company.

The company has previously developed parts for artificial satellites, health screening equipment, and supersonic jets. The media report also mentions that the organization is working on new weapons technology.

Scientists first came up with the idea of smart guns to reduce gun crime and firearm theft.

Smart guns have been thought of in the market before, but it did not materialize for various reasons.

 It is also believed that gun violence in the United States can be reduced somewhat if smart weapons can generate market demand. In addition, experts believe that the increase in crime on school campuses in America due to the use of guns may also decrease.

According to some experts, knowing how to hack a smart gun can backfire.

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