How to take care of bald head in summer

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How to take care of bald head in summer?

Hair enhances the beauty of the head. No boy or girl forgets to take care of hair. Still, some people are bald. Baldness can occur due to hereditary factors, lack of care or any physical problem. Instead of regretting it, take care of baldness. Remember, taking care of baldness is just as important as hair. Boldness needs extra care in summer season. We should investigate the issues-

Keep clean

Do not think that there is no need to use shampoo because of baldness. Accumulation of oil and dirt makes baldness look uneven. Bald skin may appear white and crusty. So, clean the bald regularly. Using soap or liquid soap makes the bald look rougher. So, shampoo regularly.


Use moisturizer

Just as it is important to keep the whole body and skin moisturized, it is also necessary to keep the hair moisturized. So, drink plenty of water. Applying a light moisturizer at bedtime will also keep the scalp healthy. Before going out in the sun, apply sunscreen to the skin as well as the rest of the body.

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Scalp Massage

It is wrong to think that you only need to massage oil if you have hair. Oil should be used even if you are bald. Apply light pressure on the scalp with fingers and massage all over the scalp. Start from the forehead and reach the palate, from there slowly come down to the neck. You will get relief, along with better blood circulation, the shine of the bald head will increase.

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