What to do if the child doesn't want to eat without a mobile phone

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What to do if the child doesn't want to eat without a mobile phone?

Most of the mothers these days hand the mobile to the baby while feeding. Children don't want to eat anything if they don't have a mobile phone in front of their eyes. Not only eating time, they spend most of the day with mobile phones. According to recent studies, the addiction of kids to using such gadgets has increased almost three times since the Covid situation. It is important to change this habit of children. What you can do for him-

Disillusionment must be given up

Parents or other family members should exercise caution before restraining a child. If the phone is moved in front of them for a long time, the child is also attracted to the phone. Parents should also limit phone use after a certain time in the day.


Set a time

How much time the child spends on the phone, television or computer throughout the day, the parent should limit that time. You should also keep an eye on whether the child adheres to that time or not.


Don't indulge at all

Even if you stop eating and drinking from crying, it is better not to keep all the demands of the child. Their mutual needs will increase.


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Keep busy with other work

Apart from studies, there are many creative activities that help children's brain develop. Going outside the house and playing with friends, talking with peers has been just a habit. If it can be done from a young age, children's addiction to gadgets will be reduced.


Don't keep multiple gadgets

Maybe you go to work with your phone. But even then, there are plenty of devices that easily appeal to kids. He can also use the phone of other family members. Try to keep the child away from all these things.

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