Chat-GPT account hacking

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Chat-GPT account hacking

The number of users of the artificial intelligence chatbot ChatGPT is growing rapidly. In the meantime, a group of hackers hacked more than 100,000 ChatGPT accounts through cyber-attacks.

As a result, the accounts of ChatGPT users around the world are at risk, according to Singapore-based cybersecurity firm Group IB. News from India Today

According to Group IB, hackers have hacked 1 lakh 1 thousand 134 ChatGPT accounts through cyber-attacks. As a result, the bank information, e-mails, passwords and phone numbers of the users of the accounts are at risk.

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In a blog post, Group IB said hackers used 'info-stealing' malware to steal user information.

This type of cyber-attack is mostly targeting chatgpt users from different countries in the Asia Pacific region. About 40 percent of ChatGPT accounts in the region have already been cyber-attacked.

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