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Some unknown interesting facts 3


Some unknown interesting facts 3

There are many unknown facts in the world that we are not all aware of, and many things happen that we are surprised to hear. This trend will continue. Today we will learn about some unknown, weird and wonderful things.

1. But there will be a little problem if you want to put grasshopper's ears in the stool. Because the ear of the grasshopper is at the knee.

2. Frogs cannot swallow anything with their eyes open.

3. A water elephant or hippopotamus can suffocate underwater for 30 minutes.

4. Fish also cough.

5. The hen turns her egg 50 times a day so that the yolk does not stick to the eggshell.

6. An average human eye blinks 42 lakh times a year.

7. Dolphin’s sleep with one eye open.

8. As it takes seven digits to write 1 million (1000000) in English, it takes seven letters to write A Million in English.

9. If the human brain were a computer, it could solve 38 trillion commands per second. Currently, the world's most powerful supercomputer, Blue Gene, can only do 0.002 percent of it.

10. Just like you, chimpanzees exchange handshakes.

11. The longest living cells in the human body are brain cells (neurons).

12. Snail breathes through the legs. The snail has four noses.

12. Ants have a better sense of smell than dogs.

14. Marine animal’s sharks do not suffer from any kind of disease.

15. Penguins are the main birds that can swim yet can't fly.

16. Covering the entire world with the amount of gold, there is would be knee-high.

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17. Most of the lipsticks in the world are made from fish scales.

18. No matter how delicious it is to eat an apple, 84% of the apple is water.

19. Chewing gum for an hour burns 30 calories in the body.

20. You look at someone and silently utter the word colorful, but to the onlooker it looks like you are saying I love you.

21. Mosquito repellents do not actually repel mosquitoes. This renders the mosquito sensor ineffective. As a result, mosquitoes fail to detect your location.

22. In Poland, a couple is awarded the President's Medal if they have been married for more than 50 years.

23. Shrimp can only swim backwards.

24. Pumice is the only rock on earth that floats on water.

25.  1/4 of the total bones of the human body are located in the feet.

26.  The bee has five eyes.

27. There is a reservoir floating in space that is 100,000 times larger than the Sun and contains 140 trillion times more water than all the oceans on earth.

28. Uranus and Neptune rain diamonds.

29. 47 mosquito teeth.

30. The Russian sky is bigger than Pluto.

31. When the Moon is directly overhead, you weigh the least.

32. Turtles can breathe through the back of the body.

33. Elephants are the only mammals that cannot jump.

34. Eye color becomes lighter with age.

35. Before Galileo invented the telescope, humans could see only five planets in the sky with the naked eye.

36. The four kings of the cards refer to four famous kings in history: King Sirliman, Julius Caesar, Alexander, and King Daus.

37. The Philippines is the only Christian country in Asia.

38. Just as human fingerprints are unique, so are dog noses. Dogs can be identified by their noses.

39. Fingernails grow four times faster than toenails.

40. The strongest animal in the world is the ant, which can carry 9 times its own weight.

41. Alchemists unsuccessfully tried to make gold from parasitic stones. Interestingly, the scientist Isaac Newton also spent a lot of time behind it.

42. Six people turn seventeen in the US every minute.

43. An average person swallows about a quarter of a gallon of mucus per day.

44. You can never sneeze with your eyes open. If you don't believe, you can try it.

45. One man's voice is processed by the same part of the other man's brain that mainly processes different sounds, such as car horns, instrument sounds. However, ladies' voices are handled by an alternate piece of the cerebrum that regularly manages tunes or melodic sounds.

46. A garbage dump the size of Texas is floating in the Pacific Ocean.

47. Every 7 years’ different parts of the human body are replaced once. That is, what you were quite a while back, you are not similar following 7 years.

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