Some unknown interesting facts 2

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Some unknown interesting facts 2

There are many unknown facts in the world that we are not all aware of, and many things happen that we are surprised to hear. This trend will continue. Today we will learn about some unknown, weird and wonderful things.

1. A horse can run within an hour after birth.

2. A hawk can accurately identify a grasshopper from half a mile away.

3. The abbreviation of Popular Music is POP music.

4. Lightning strikes about more than 6,000 times per minute around the world.

5. 97% of water on earth is saline. Of the 3% that is portable, 2% is ice and the remaining 1% is water that we get for consumption.

6. Stomach acid can even dissolve iron.

7. Dolphins can sleep and swim at the same time.

8. Honey is the only food that never spoils.

9. 90 percent of people in Japan use waterproof mobiles. Because most people in that country use mobile phones while taking bath.

10. If you donate blood to someone, it is replenished within 24–48 hours.

11. Emus and kangaroos cannot walk backwards.

12. Light takes 8 minutes 20 seconds from the sun to our earth.

13. If the moon was not there as our satellite, then the earth would have only 6 hours of a day instead of 24 hours.

14. Blood cannot be made.

15. The water in the Atlantic Ocean is the most saline.

16. Einstein, despite being an avid sea traveler, did not know how to swim.

17. If a horse's tail is cut off, it dies.

18. The blood in a human body travels a distance equal to 16 lakhs, 80 thousand miles every day.

19. Slamming car doors is illegal in Switzerland.

20. We get 20% of the oxygen produced on Earth from the Amazon.

21. The average lifespan of a fly is 17 days.

22. A baby elephant can stand up within 20 minutes of birth and walk within an hour.

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23. It takes 0.4 seconds to blink an eye.

24. It takes 0.1 seconds for any sensation in the body and mind to reach the  brain.

25. There were 12 planets in total. 10th planet is Vulcan, 11th planet is X, 12th planet is Salish. As the 9th planet Pluto cancels the status of the planet, the         number of planets is now 11.

26. Dead volcanoes and innumerable craters on the moon's chest are what we call moon spots. The places appear black from Earth because sunlight does not shine properly in these holes.

27. At a conference of astronomers held in August 2006, Pluto was removed from the list of planets.

28. The main difference between a debit card and a credit card is that with adebit card, money can be withdrawn from the corresponding bank account.On the other hand, credit cards can be used to withdraw money up to a certain limit.

29. A poisonous poison is prepared from the sap of a plant native to Europe and North Africa. And Socrates died from drinking this poison.

30. Saccharin is a sweet organic substance. It is 300-400 times sweeter than sugar. It has no food value or quality. Furthermore, it is used in beverages, candies, medicines and toothpaste.

31. Light reflects off our eyes and bounces off the back of the eye (the retina) in an inverted form, and travels up the nerves to the brain, creating the sensation of straight vision. This is why we see an object.

32. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is color-blind. He doesn't see colors other than dark white-blue. That is the reason he picked white and blue tones for Facebook.

33. The Braille system enables the blind to read and write. It has to be touched by hand. French Louis Braille invented this method in 1829 AD. Currently, this method is being used in different countries of the world by adapting the mother tongue.

34. About 13 percent of the world's total population is left-handed. According to medical scientists, the right side of the human brain controls the left hand. Due to the influence of the right side of the brain, left-handers are generally a little more creative, visionary and thoughtful than right-handers.

35. The octopus has three hearts in its body.

36. Butterfly has 12 thousand eyes.

37. Mosquitoes are more attracted to those who play bananas.

38. A man loses 40 pounds of skin in his lifetime. That is, the skin of the body changes once consistently.

39. A cup of coffee contains more than 100 chemicals.

40. If the empty spaces between the atoms that make up the human body were removed, then all the people on earth could be placed inside an apple.

41. One pound of pure cotton can produce 33,000 miles of yarn.

42. Cows can be taken up the stairs, but not down.

43. Alexander Graham Bell never called his mother or his wife because they were both deaf.

44. A normal car can fly around the world four times with the amount of fuel a jumbo jet has.

45. Only two people in the world know the ready-made formula of Coca-Cola drink and are banned from traveling on the same plane.

46. Why do people have nipples? Since everybody is female until the Y chromosome enters (the X chromosome).

47. NASA has been able to deliver Wi-Fi internet to the moon. Its speed is faster than our home internet speed, 19 MB/s.

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