Some unknown interesting facts 1

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Some unknown interesting facts 1

There are many unknown facts in the world that we are not all aware of, and many things happen that we are surprised to hear. This trend will continue. Today we will learn about some unknown, weird and wonderful things.

1. The human brain has 13 billion control buttons. Each button has a specific function.

2. The color yellow is seen 1.24 times faster than any other color, which is why school buses are yellow.

3. The veins of the human body can be made 60,000 miles long by connecting one to another.

4. When we touch something, the information travels to our brain at 124 miles per hour.

5. 70% of the world is covered by ocean, 95% of it is still unknown to us.

6. Each year, there are more than 1 million seismic tremors on the planet. The majority of it we don't take note. Be that as it may, the Richter scale catches it right.

7. The right lung in humans takes in more air than the left.

8. Prawns have a nervous system in the abdomen, brain in the throat, kidney in the head and teeth in the stomach, heart and taste with legs.

9. If you search by writing My Location in the Google search box, you can now easily know where you are.

10. According to the research of the United States Institute of Medicine, at least,7000 (seven thousand) patients in the world die every year due to taking the wrong medicine without understanding the doctor's handwriting on the prescription.

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11. People who sleep less than six hours a night are three times more likely to develop high blood pressure than others.

12. Women who sleep less than 4 hours a night are twice as likely to die from heart disease as others.

13. The human nose can distinguish about 50,000 scents.

14. Indian housewives use 11 percent of the world's gold as jewelry. This number is more than the combined gold reserves of the US, IMF, Switzerland and Germany.

15. There is an immense repository of water in space. It is multiple times bigger than the Sun and contains 140 trillion times more water than there is on the          planet.

16. A mosquito can flap its wings up to 300–600 times per second and can fly at 100–150 miles per hour.

17.  90% of all human diseases are caused by thoughts.

18. If the lights in the house are blue, the number of mosquitoes can increase. Because the blue color attracts mosquitoes.

19. Hummingbirds can fly backwards.

20. During a sneeze, air comes out of a person's nose at a speed of 100 km.

21. Dolphins are the only animals in the world that can sleep with one eye open.

22. While most animals have 2 eyes, butterflies have 12,000 eyes.

23. The hippopotamus is an animal that prefers to stay in the den rather than water, but their babies are born underwater.

24. Ants never sleep and can carry up to 10 times their own weight.

25. A giraffe can kill a lion with a kick.

26. Snails can sleep continuously for 3 years.

27. the deer is the most ungraceful of creatures. They rest like 5 minutes consistently.

28. A cow can be easily lifted by a ladder, but not lowered down. Penguins can swim but cannot fly.

29. Two people in the world know the ready-made formula for Coca-Cola's drink, who are forbidden to travel on the same plane.

30. Petroleum gas has no scent. The smell we get from the gas is added to the gas, with the goal that we can get it effectively on the off chance that there is a hole for reasons unknown.

31. It takes seven letters to write A Million in English, just as it takes seven digits to write 1 million (10,00000) in numbers.

32. Real pearls dissolve in vinegar.

33. Marine animals Sharks do not have any diseases.

34. A chicken/duck egg contains every one of the nutrients, except for L-ascorbic acid.

35. Covering the entire world with the amount of gold that is in the world would be knee-high.

36. Elephants are the only mammals that cannot jump.

37. If you write google upside down in Google's search bar (elgoog), a site will open which is completely opposite to the original site.

38. Girls have better hearing than boys.

39. It is impossible to hold your nose and hum.

40. The distance light travels in 1 year is called one light year.

41. The memory capacity of the human brain is more than 4 terabytes.

42. Each galaxy contains more than 50-100 million stars.

43. It took Leonardo da Vinci twelve years to paint Mona Lisa's lips.

44. E is the most used letter in the English alphabet and Q is the least used letter.

45. A human can live up to 28 days without food, but cannot survive more than 11 days without sleep.

46. 70% of the world's toys are produced in China.

47. At the age of 18, the human brain stops forming. The brain never rests; it continues to work even in sleep.

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