Healthy habits for eyes

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Healthy habits for eyes

Healthy habits for eyes

The eyes are the most delicate piece of the human body. Due to the modern lifestyle, there are many problems with the eyes. Eyes do not get proper rest due to lack of adequate sleep. As long as you are awake, there is pressure on the eyes. Whether working for a long time on the laptop in the office or watching movies or series on the mobile phone after returning home. Taking care of the eyes is not too difficult to cope with daily tasks. Many eye problems can be avoided by avoiding some common habits.

What to do to keep the eyes good and avoid infection?

Wash eyes with hot water: Do not wash eyes with hot water, no matter how cold it is. Using hot water will damage the eyes. Not only hot water, but also fire, smoke or intense heat of the sun - all these should protect the eyes.

Eyes Non-blinking: When something comes too close to the eyes, the eyelids fall automatically. But many times even on television one does not want to blink if an exciting scene continues continuously. This practice of not blinking is not good for the eyes.

Excessive use of eye drops: Many people think that using eye drops repeatedly makes the eyes feel better. But long-term use of artificial, chemical-based drops without a doctor's advice can cause eye damage.

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Using a mask while sleeping: The area around the eyes gets wrinkled very quickly. To get rid of this problem, many people apply a mask under the eyes before going to sleep. Chemical hot masks can temporarily remove the problem of wrinkles, but can damage the eyes.

Eye twitching: Unknowingly, many people have the habit of touching their eyes or twitching their eyes. But if the hands are not clean, in that case, the dust, sand, germs on the hands can go directly to the eyes and cause problems. It does not take much time for the infection to spread from one eye to the other.

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