The risk of excessive computer use

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The risk of excessive computer use

The computer may be a tool by that nowadays we are able to solve several issues in a second. whether or not it's a large-scale addition or subtraction or job tests we are able to take everything with the assistance of a pc. Computers save our time hugely and modify our life. the advantages of computers in our lives are plain.

Again, thanks to this pc, sitting in one place all day and searching at the pc all day will cause numerous issues in our body and mind. So, what issues will occur if you utilize excessive computer? Let's realize out:

Lack of physical activity

Sitting ahead of the pc all day reduces our physical activity. We keep playing computer games without playing sports, as a result of which we gain fat. Fat gain can bring various problems to our body like high blood pressure, diabetes, etc. So, you must not sit ahead of the pc for an extended time.

Blood circulation within the body decreases

Sitting in one place for a protracted time reduces blood circulation in our body. Diminished blood circulation will result in varied issues. Like blood clumps or spasm in our muscles, and so on. we must always stand up from the pc and take a walk once it slows for correct circulation of blood.

Pressure on the eyes

Looking at the pc screen for an extended time puts heaps of pressure on our eyes. As a result of that varied issues will seem in our eyes. like red eyes, swelling, etc. So, if it's important to sit down ahead of our video display, then a minimum of once your time we've got to depart the pc and appearance at another distant object. during this approach the pressure on our eyes will be reduced. generally, it's smart to splash cold water on the eyes.

Headaches and body aches

As a results of sitting ahead of the pc all day, our body hurts in numerous places. Our necks conjointly hurt from viewing one facet for too long. because of the pressure on the eyes, our head conjointly hurts. And if we have a tendency to sit ahead of the pc for a protracted time, the remainder time of our body and mind decreases. So, it starts to harm the top.


If we have a tendency to sit before of the pc all day, we have a tendency to keep puzzling over it in the dark, that keeps United States of America awake. Our mind becomes restless. Our traditional sleeping habits additionally modification. Some studies have found that sitting before of the pc for over five hours daily is enough to cause our sleep disorder.


Sitting ahead of the pc for a protracted time suggests that giving additional info concerning ourselves to the pc world. several hackers are bent damage U.S. So, care ought to be taken that we tend to solely offer our personal info on the web site once it's fully necessary or not in any respect.

Then we are able to perceive that laptop has brought several advantages in our life, however the pc has conjointly brought several issues in our life.

It is unattainable to abandon the pc, however we must always attempt to pay as very little time as attainable before of the pc. Talking and creating friends with folks outside the pc is extremely vital. And if we have a tendency to sit before of the pc all day, we are able to have varied diseases and issues that I even have already written regarding. we have a tendency to should consult a doctor once such issues occur.

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