Which foods are dangerous to health

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foods are dangerous to health

Which foods are dangerous to health?

There is no alternative to healthy food to keep the body healthy. It doesn't take a lot of special care to stay healthy. There are many unknown health benefits hidden in very common and familiar foods. Body care is taken care of without knowing.

Even eating the most familiar foods on your plate every day can cause problems. This list is not very long. But it is necessary to know. Then it will be possible to be careful before eating.

There are some well-known foods that seem healthy, but can be harmful if consumed in excess. Check out the list of some such foods.


Mushrooms is a rich source of vitamin D. Many people loving to eat this food. Many people make delicious local and foreign dishes at home with mushrooms. However, mushrooms are not necessarily healthy. There are several species of mushrooms, which are actually poisonous. If it enters the body, it can cause serious problems. They are not usually available in shops or open markets. But wash the mushrooms well in hot water before cooking them. Never cook mushrooms without washing them.


Tomato is a very popular vegetable. There is nothing to say about the health benefits of tomatoes. But tomatoes contain chemicals called glycolipids. This material may cause mental anxiety. So it is better not to add tomato in all cooking. A gamble of it is being counterproductive.


Many people wake up in the morning and eat soaked peanuts. There is nothing new to say about the benefits of this nut rich in vitamin 'E'. But it is not good to eat too much of anything. According to nutritionists, peanuts contain harmful chemicals like cyanide. Eating more peanuts can cause serious diseases in the body.


Potatoes continue to be used in everyday cooking. Any dish made with potatoes is more or less everyone's favorite. Potatoes are not less popular among vegetables. The health benefits of this vegetable are not less. However, you need to be careful while eating potatoes. Potatoes that are whitish and have a green tinge in places contain a chemical called solanine. Which can prompt dangerous infections like malignant growth.



The red, sweet and sour taste of cherry fruit undoubtedly takes care of health. In winter, this fruit is more available in the market. Various smoothies made with cherries take care of the body. According to nutritionists, cherries are high in hydrogen cyanide. Which can cause many physical problems. Apples and grape seeds also contain this chemical. So these fruits should be eaten in moderation. Excessive playing is dangerous.

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