What to do to stop location tracking on smartphone

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What to do to stop location tracking on smartphone

With the increasing use of smartphones, personal information is also at risk. There are various risks of personal information being exposed online. Again, various apps and websites can collect information about our online activities through smartphones. Smartphones can be tracked even when there is no internet connection. Not only that, the user's location information can be collected with the help of smartphones. However, you can protect yourself from smartphone tracking by adopting some methods. Let's take a look.

Turn off the phone

It is said that even though the security system in smartphones is very strong, there are some spyware that can be monitored. Phones can be turned off if there is concern that smartphones are being actively tracked. Brandon Wilkes, Showcasing Supervisor at The Large Telephone Store, proposes so. He said, if the smartphone is turned off, it is not possible to track it even with very powerful spyware.

Turn on airplane mode

Normally, the phone's airplane mode is turned on while flying. However, phone tracking can be indirectly prevented by enabling this mode. When this mode is activated, the user does not get the opportunity to make phone calls. Baruch Labunsky, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Rank Secure, said, the easiest and fastest way to stay safe from any kind of tracking is to turn on Airplane Mode. As a result, cell and Wi-Fi radii installed inside the phone are turned off. As a result, the phone cannot connect to any network.


Turn off location access

Location access must be turned off from the smartphone settings. As a result, the phone cannot be tracked even if it is with the user.


Caution in using search engines

You can be safe from tracking even if you are careful about using search engines. Because, various information including the location of the user is stored in the search engine.


Be aware of which apps are collecting data

While running cell phone applications, it is important to permit the cell phone to gather different data, including area. For this, you have to take care of which app installed on the phone is collected which information.


Use of app and operating system updates

Operating systems and apps may experience various types of errors from time to time. Companies release updated versions of operating systems or apps to fix these bugs. So to stay safe, use updated version of apps and operating system.


Precautions when using public Wi-Fi

The use of public Wi-Fi networks carries the risk of theft of personal information including email, social media account IDs and passwords, bank accounts. Because, sometimes the security of public Wi-Fi networks is not that strong. Thus, cybercriminals can take data from public Wi-Fi freely.


Disable data collection from unused apps

App installs require permission to use various data like location, files and call logs along with camera, microphone. However, not all apps are used regularly after being installed on the phone. Tracking can be prevented by removing permissions granted to unused apps.

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