Know some strange facts of the world

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some strange facts of the world

Know some strange facts of the world

There are loads of activities that manifest in our every day life. How many things are seen around? But maybe we don't think that there are many extraordinary things hidden in the ordinary things. So, let's know some information.

1)   If you are brave for having only one heart, then the octopus is braver than you. Because his heart is three!

2) Ever slept with one eye open? It is not possible with you, but it is possible with dolphins.

3) Did you know that we have about 625 sweat glands per square inch of our skin? They are so subtle that you cannot even count them.

4) Do you know one thing, that the height of the Himalayas is increasing constantly. The height of the Himalayas is increasing by about 4 millimeters every year.

5) Human nails grow 0.01715 inches per day.

6) Imagine if we were breathing through our feet instead of our nose! Even if we don't do this, the sandbar crab (a type of crab) breathes exclusively with its legs. Because he has no nose.

7) When we become unconscious, we don't know where to turn. But ants are probably a bit savvier. Because ants always fall on their right side when they fall unconscious.

8) To call someone stupid, we say that you have less brains or brains. As such, starfish are pretty stupid. They have no brain.

9) You smile and smile, every time you smile you have to use at least 5 pairs of facial muscles. And if you smile more, you will need 53 muscles in total.

10) The name of the first book printed in English was The Recuyell of the Historyes of Troye. This book was printed in 1475 and authored by William Caxton.

11) Do you know that one person's fingerprint is different from another person's? As well as the impression of lips and completely different from one person to another!

12) Fire was made by burning mummies in Ancient Egypt. Because there was a shortage of wood, but there was no shortage of mummies.

13) The thickest (widest) ice sheet in Antarctica has a radius of 3 miles!!

14) 96% of all candles sold in the world are bought by girls.

15) 42 percent of men and 25 percent of women in the world do not wash their hands after using a public toilet or bathroom.

16) People of Switzerland eat the most chocolate in the world. On an average, each person eats about 10 kg per year.

17) Lightning strikes 6,000 or more times around the world every minute!

18) Hippo attacks kill more people annually on the African continent than any other animal.

19) France Fry was not born in France, but in Belgium.

20) Most people forget to take a toothbrush while traveling somewhere.

21) Birth rate in August is higher than any other month. That means most birthdays are celebrated in the month of August in the world.

22) You can enjoy the taste of food as long as it does not mix with saliva in your mouth

23) Fish scales are used in most lipsticks.

24) Birds need the force of gravity to swallow food. That is, if a bird is taken to the moon to eat, it will not be able to swallow the food.

25) 70% of the world's total toys are made in China!

26) India has a number of post offices than any other country?

27) Even if the letters of the English word 'level' are reversed, it will remain the same!

28) The most used letter in the English alphabet is 'E' and the least used letter is 'Q'.

29) An egg contains all other vitamins except vitamin C!

30) Women's hearts beat faster than men's hearts.

    31) Not only the heart, women also lose their eyelids faster than men!!  (Almost a day faster). 

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