Microsoft is saying goodbye to 'Cortana' from Windows

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Microsoft is saying goodbye to 'Cortana' from Windows

With the addition of artificial intelligence (AI) technology for Windows, the need for the digital assistant 'Cortana' is over. And so, Microsoft has decided to send Cortana away from Windows.

Windows will no longer support Cortana as a standalone app by the end of this year, Microsoft said.

At the recently concluded 'Build Conference', Microsoft announced the addition of the 'Copilot' tool for Windows, which will reside in the taskbar and provide all kinds of assistance through the use of AI. Basically, the Copilot feature was the farewell bell for Cortana from Windows.

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But Cortana will remain as before in Microsoft Outlook Mobile, Teams Mobile, Team Display and Team Room even if it is not on Windows.

Incidentally, the digital voice assistant Cortana was first added to the Windows 10 version in 2015.

Source: The Indian Express


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