500 subscribers on YouTube are an opportunity to earn

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500 subscribers on YouTube are an opportunity to earn


Users will only have a chance to monetize a YouTube channel if they have 500 subscribers. YouTube's authorities announced this to increase engagement as well as more revenue for content creators.

Earlier, YouTubers could earn if they had 1,000. Now this number has been reduced to 500.

Also, to get the opportunity to earn, the video of the respective channel must be watched for a minimum of three thousand hours. Earlier it was four thousand hours.

Google-owned video platform YouTube has made several major changes to its monetization policies. One of them is that even if the number of subscribers is low, there will still be revenue opportunities. Also, YouTube shorts' views have been reduced from 1 billion to 3 million. The platform made this decision as part of the YouTube Partner Program.

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Analysts say many people make money by uploading videos to YouTube channels other than entertainment. However, YouTube is obligated to meet the monetization terms in order to make money. Many people open channels on YouTube and stop uploading videos because they can't meet the monetization requirements. YouTube has made new changes to keep these creators in mind. YouTube's announcements will continue to encourage new content creators.

The new feature will initially be available to users in the US, UK, Canada, Taiwan, and South Korea. This facility will be introduced in other countries gradually.

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