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Facebook owner Meta fined 1.3 billion Usd


Facebook owner Meta fined $1.3 billion

Facebook proprietor Meta has been fined a record1.2 billion euros ($1.3 billion) for handing over data on European Union druggies to the United States.

On Monday, the Ireland-grounded Data Protection Commission(DPC), which acts on behalf of the European Union, said the European Data Protection Board(EDPB) had ordered the collection of executive forfeitures.

With respect to the fines, Meta says, they have been isolated. They are disappointed. The judgment is defective and unjustly rendered. It sets a terrible precedent for countless other companies.

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Meta Global Affairs President Nick Clegg and Chief Legal Officer Jennifer Newstead said in a blog post that they will appeal the fine.

This is the biggest fine under the Overall Information Assurance Guideline. In 2021, Amazon was fined 746 million euros ($807 million) in Luxembourg.

Earlier, DPC fined Facebook $390 million in January. Facebook forced its users to allow ads to appear, which violated European Union privacy laws. Basically, Facebook shows relevant ads to users by tracking their online activities.

Source: New York Times.

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