How to free space on the smartphone

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How to free space on the smartphone?

Many times the storage gets full quickly due to unnecessary apps, photos, videos. As a result, there is a problem when trying to keep something new. And sometimes the phone gets slow or hangs due to the storage being full. The way to avoid this problem is in the phone settings. That will refresh the phone again. A factory reset restores the phone's software to a brand-new state.

Android has an option called 'Factory Reset' to reset the phone. If you want to refresh your phone, there is no better way. Factory reset should be done before selling old phone. But factory reset will erase all data. So it is better to keep a backup in advance. Also, reset should be started with a full charge. If the phone runs out of charge during the factory reset, you have to start all over again.

First step

To reset the phone, first open the phone settings. Then click on 'the System' option.

Second step

Scroll down to enter the system and the reset option will appear. Now click on this option.

The third step

Now click on 'Erase All Data' option. On some devices this option is called 'Factory Reset'.

Fourth step

Then you may have to enter the PIN. But not all devices require a PIN.

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