Find out whos secretly seeing your Facebook profile

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Find out who's secretly seeing your Facebook profile

You don't grasp if your Facebook profile is often viewed by somebody outside of your friends list. you will not even grasp if a disciple in your friends list has seen your latest photograph or standing. you'll be able to grasp this only if those friends like or inquire into your Facebook activity. however currently there's no want for the likes or comments. you do not even have to be compelled to get on the buddies list. currently you'll be able to simply resolve WHO is viewing your Facebook profile frequently.

However, this may be through with the assistance of many apps. in this case, again and again the results not correct. There are a unit security threats. That is, if these apps area unit accustomed get these results, ID hacking could occur. So, while not the assistance of those apps, let's examine a secure method-

1. initial log-in to Facebook as was common.

2. Then right click on possibility the choice} (where there are a unit 3 dots) next to the 'Activity Log' option on your timeline. From there choose 'View Page Source'.

3. At this stage you may get a full page packed with code that you may not perceive. however, there's nothing to worry. Press 'Control+F' (F) whereas on this page. you may see a quest box up the higher right corner. Enter 'InitialChatFriendsList' during this search box.

4. Then you may get an inventory of numbers next to 'InitialChatFriendsList'. Basically, these numbers area unit the Facebook ID numbers of individuals WHO have visited your timeline.

5. currently you have got to travel to the positioning '' ( to seek out the ID with these numbers. Then post any variety with a slash (/) sign next to Example - 100008223225037. you may see, associate ID has come back. That is, look at your profile in this IDE.

6. during this case, the amount (ID) that comes initial is that the ID that seems frequently in your profile. during this approach, the last ID is that the one that seems in your profile the smallest amount.

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