Some ways to fast charge mobile phone

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Some ways to fast charge mobile phone

There are various features for fast charging of mobile phones. Still, no one has time to charge the phone for three-four hours in the busy life. Especially older phones take much longer to charge.

Even new phones may experience this problem after a few days. Today I will tell you some ways to charge mobile phone fast.

Turn off GPS and Wi-Fi

Having GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on consumes a lot of battery. So if those options are on while charging the phone, it takes much longer to charge. Therefore, turn off the GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth options before charging the phone.

Avoid using a smartphone while charging

The phone should not be used while charging. Calls, messages, use of various shopping apps, even playing games continuously. If you use the phone while it is charging, it naturally takes more time to charge the phone. Even the chances of the phone going bad quickly increases. So abstain from utilizing the telephone while charging.

Use original cables and adapters

When buying a smartphone, always charge the phone with the cable and adapter that comes with it. If you use any other brand of charger, it may damage your device's battery and also adversely affect the charging speed. So always use original cable and adapter.

Close background processing apps

Some apps keep running in the background even after the phone screen is locked. Even if you don't use them, they continue to drain the phone's battery without your knowledge. So you can go to phone settings to see which apps are running in the background and turn off those apps before charging. This will greatly increase the charging speed of your smartphone.

Use airplane mode

Keeping the phone's airplane mode on turns off the phone's net connection and calling facility. Besides, when this mode is turned on, multiple apps also stop working completely. As a result, the battery of the phone is much less wasted, thus naturally increasing the charging speed. So make sure to turn on airplane mode while charging the phone.

Do not use fast charging adapters

There are many chargers available in the market that charge the phone very quickly. On the face of it, it may seem that using these chargers will benefit you greatly. But remember, every phone battery has a specific capacity, and according to that capacity the appropriate charger is provided with that smartphone. And to keep the smartphone battery long-lasting and healthy, experts always advise to use the charger provided with the smartphone. But if you use fast charging unnecessarily, the performance of your phone's battery decreases day by day, along with the phone's ability to hold a charge, the phone also deteriorates gradually. So never utilize this kind of charger.

Do not leave the phone charging overnight

After working all day, many people charge their phones before going to bed at night. Because at that time the phone is not being used, so many people consider it as the best time to charge. As a result, the phone remains connected to the adapter even after it is fully charged. This gradually leads to battery damage, just as playing more after a full meal becomes dangerous, a similar problem is seen in this case. So you should never leave the phone on charge overnight.

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