Five foods to eat to keep lungs fresh

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keep lungs fresh

Five foods to eat to keep lungs fresh

The mood of winter is felt in nature. The dearth of water is felt within the skin because the humidness within the air decreases. Harmful particles within the air in dry weather enter the lungs through inhalation. In line with doctors, this impure air is accountable not just for dry cough, however additionally for higher and lower tract infections.

This air pollution has a serious impact on health. There are many complex diseases. The problem is in the lungs. Health experts suggest that to prevent the harmful effects of air pollution, it is necessary to eat some healthy food regularly. Here are a few food sources that can keep your lungs solid:

Amla/Indian gooseberry

Studies have shown that regular consumption of amla/Indian gooseberry can prevent all the damage caused by dust particles in the liver. Vitamin 'C' in amla/Indian gooseberry increases immunity, can prevent colds and coughs. Ayurveda also describes the properties of amla/Indian gooseberry juice, which can maintain balance in all types of body functions.


Basil leaves can defend the lungs towards air pollution. Apart from this, basil can soak up the dirt within side the air. According to health experts, consuming a small amount of those leaf juice daily removes respiratory pollutants from the body.


Tomato makes the body immune to diseases. A recent study has mentioned these functions of tomatoes. Researchers say that tomatoes have great antioxidant properties, which prevent the cells from aging. In addition, tomatoes can prevent various types of cancer. Lycopene in tomatoes acts as a protective layer in the respiratory system. Lycopene acts as an effector of harmful dust particles in the air.

Citrus fruits

Oranges and lemons contain a great deal of L-ascorbic acid. Regular consumption of citrus fruit can prevent harmful elements of air from affecting the lungs.


Turmeric is known as a known antioxidant. These antioxidants work to protect the lungs from the effects of polluting particles. A mixture of turmeric and ghee is useful in solving cough and asthma problems. Apart from this, a mixture of turmeric, molasses and butter can cure asthma.

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