Causes and remedies for body fat accumulation

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Causes and remedies for body fat accumulation

Accumulation of fat in the human body leads to weight gain, obesity, diabetes and heart disease risk. As a result, the ability to perform manual labor is reduced. Lack of physical activity makes the person more obese. As a result, people fall into a vicious cycle of becoming fatter and unhealthier.

After eating a full stomach, laziness comes and fills up. And those who go to sleep after eating, tend to accumulate fat in their stomach more. Those who work, sitting for a long time, their stomach gradually accumulates fat. Excess fat not only dulls the beauty, but also causes various diseases.

If the amount of fat in the body is high, it accumulates more in the hands, face, stomach and thighs. Excess fat should be controlled before it accumulates. And if fat does accumulate, it must be reduced with controlled diet and exercise. For any reason fat is accumulating, this reason should be identified and changes in diet should be made.

Causes of belly fat accumulation

* Those who eat sugary foods, fat accumulates faster in their stomach. Eating rice, sweets, soft drinks should be restricted.

* Those who fall asleep quickly after eating, their food is not digested properly. Stored energy is also not consumed. As a result, it is also a very important cause of fat accumulation.

* Those who work all day in a chair-table and do not have to do physical work, their stomach fat accumulates quickly.

* Those who are used to fatty foods like butter, cheese, ghee and those who are fans of fast food also accumulate fat easily in their stomach.

What to do to reduce fat

* Do not eat too much at once, eat small amounts every now and then. Apply a small amount every two hours.

* If sugary foods do not fill your stomach, fill up by eating vegetables. Can eat with any sour fruit.

* Eat more fruits with a peel. You can quench your thirst with guava, plum, and cucumber.

* If you want to eat meat alone, you should eat it by excluding the fat part. Leave out broth or potatoes.

* Any kind of fried in oil, fast food should completely avoid.

* drink plenty of water. Water will increase the body's metabolism and prevent fat accumulation.

* Exercise should be done along with food control to reduce belly fat.

* If you come to the gym regularly and do the necessary exercises, the results will be seen very quickly. And if going to the gym is not possible, swimming, cycling, brisk walking, jumping rope can be very good exercises to lose belly fat.

* Apart from this, even if you make a habit of walking without using the elevator, or walking uphill from the bottom of the flyover, the fat will fall quickly.

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