Russia passed strict laws against homosexuality

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Russia passed strict laws against homosexuality

Russia passed strict laws against homosexuality

This time in Russia tough laws against homosexuality have been passed. It states that from now on, homosexuality will be completely illegal and punishable in Russia. The bill was passed by the country's parliament to regulate the activities of LGBT groups.

Along with passing the law, Russian lawmakers have labeled the promotion of homosexuality as a Western conspiracy. They said that homosexuals and their followers will be suppressed with a strong hand to protect the future generation from the western bad culture. All activities of the 'L-G-B-T' community will be canceled under this law.

Violation of the new law is punishable by a maximum fine of 400,000 rubles for individuals and 15 days in prison for foreign nationals engaged in L-G-B-T activities, as well as expulsion from Russia. Such a move by the government has spread fear in the gay, bisexual and transgender community.

However, the implementation of this law will require the approval of the upper house and President Vladimir Putin. Putin has always expressed a strict stance on the issue of homosexuality. So, it is clear that this law is going to be implemented in Russia very soon.

Source: Al-Jazeera

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