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Pop singer Chris jailed for 13 years for rape

Pop singer Chris wu

Pop singer Chris jailed for 13 years for rape

Popular pop star Chris Wu has been jailed for 13 years in China for rape. On Friday local time, a court in Beijing sentenced Chris to prison after he was found guilty of rape. Chris was fined nearly $83 million for tax evasion the same day.

It is known that 32-year-old Chris is a citizen of both China and Canada. In China, he was given this punishment after being found guilty of raping a minor girl. The star has been accused of rape before.

Last year, a student took Wu on a date and accused him of rape, and the police arrested him. After that, 24 people complained of rape against Wu one by one, according to Reuters.

The complainant, 17, said that after she met Chris Wu, he invited her to a party. There, Chris forced her to drink and later sexually assaulted her.

The court of Chaoyang District in Beijing says that in addition to the young woman, three more women were drugged and raped by the end of 2020. Chinese police arrested her in August last year on rape charges. He then denied these allegations.

Notably, Chris Woo was a member of the Canadian K-pop boy band Exo Brand. In 2014, Chris Wu left the band and moved to China to pursue a solo career. Chris Wu was also successful as a singer, actor, and model.

Source: CNN and Reuters.

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