Google Chrome comes with battery and RAM saver feature

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Google Chrome comes with battery and RAM saver

Google Chrome comes with battery and RAM saver feature

One of Google's most popular products is the Chrome browser. Google often adds new features to Chrome browser, which makes the app more perfect day by day. Recently, two new features have been added to Chrome through which the performance of Windows, Mac and Chrome OS running devices will improve when using Chrome. Besides, a shortcut feature has also come through which the work features can be accessed very quickly. Let's know about all the new features of Chrome.

Battery saver mode

If the battery charge reaches 20%, while using the Chrome browser on the laptop, you can increase the battery life by using the Energy Saver mode. This feature will basically increase the battery life of the device by limiting background activity and visual effects, which will help to use Chrome for longer. If this update has arrived at your version of Chrome, you will see a page icon in the browser that can be clicked to turn on Energy Saver mode. If your device's battery reaches 20%, the automatic energy saver mode will be activated.

Memory saver mode

Another feature called memory saver mode is going to be added to Chrome. This feature will come in handy for those who work with multiple tabs open at the same time. With Memory Saver mode on, only the tab that is being used will be prioritized and inactive tabs in the background will only load when needed.

According to Google, Chrome will use 30% less memory thanks to this new feature, which will make Chrome experience faster. When this feature works, the amount of memory that Memory Saver has freed will be shown in the upper right corner.

Shortcut feature

It is a habit of many people to always open numerous tabs in Chrome while browsing the Internet. In such a situation, it is very difficult to go back to a previous specific place or find a specific tab. To solve this problem, a new feature has been added to Google Chrome through which tabs, bookmarks, history, these can be accessed very easily using the "@" key.

Whenever you use Chrome, go to the address bar and clean it and write “@”, you will see these three options: automatic tabs, bookmarks and history. Then click the search option to manually find specific links from tabs, bookmarks or history.

Besides, these shortcuts can also be accessed directly by typing '@tabs', @'bookmarks' and '@history'. For example, if you want to see a specific tab that has YouTube open, then typing @tabs followed by YouTube will give you a suggestion of the tab that is open.

If you want to browse your browsing history again, you can see the related links by writing @history and writing any desired keyword. Similarly, by typing @bookmarks, you can find the desired bookmark by entering any keyword.

How to update Chrome?

Chrome browser must be kept up-to-date to get the new updated features. Follow the instructions given below to update your Chrome browser:


Open Chrome on your computer

Click on the three-spot symbol in the upper right corner

Select Help > About Google Chrome

Click on the Update Google Chrome option. If you don't find this button, you know your Chrome is updated

Relaunch the Chrome browser after updating

You'll then see a new Performance sidebar in Settings to get the first two features mentioned. You can enable these features from there.

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