What to do for occasional headaches

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What to do for occasional headaches

Most of the day in the office is spent in front of the computer. Then use the mobile again. After all such activities throughout the day, the headache starts at night. This pain persists during the day. Currently, many people are suffering from problems like headaches. To get rid of this problem, some people apply drugs, while others take painkillers. It temporarily relieves the headache, but the pain returns again. In that case, rely on home remedies to get rid of the headache problem. What to do in this case-

1. Massage with lavender oil. Blend an equivalent measure of carrier oil with lavender oil. Now massaging with it will be beneficial. You can follow this method daily.

2. Exercise daily to get rid of headache problem. Allocate half-hour to yourself at the start of the day. Exercise daily. Do meditation.

3. You can drink tea if you have a headache or headache problem. Make a tea with chamomile, dandelion and ginger. It will be similar to a headache.

4. You can use ice packs to get relief from headache. Such pain is caused by decreased blood flow. So, if you have a headache, use an ice pack. It will be beneficial.

Apart from that, such problems are caused due to excessive stress. This can manifest in case your paintings at the pic for a protracted time. So arise time and again among jobs. Rest your eyes for 20 seconds each 20 minutes. This will dispose of such problems.

If you want, you can consult an eye doctor. Also, give up the habit of always using the mobile phone. Also, be careful when using the computer.

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