Rename monkeypox virus

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monkeypox virus

Rename monkeypox virus

The World Health Organization (WHO) is reaching to rename monkeypox. The agency has also designated a new name for the virus. The new name may be MPOX. Politico reported this information, citing three people involved in the name change. A declaration in such manner might come soon.

According to Politico, the decision to change the name was made by the World Health Organization mainly due to increasing pressure from senior officials of the administration of US President Joe Biden. The US administration has told the World Health Organization that if action is not taken quickly on the name change, the US will make a unilateral decision on the matter. The U.S. fears that such a name could create misconceptions among black people, disrupting vaccination programs.

The World Health Organization acts as the global coordinator for public health. The organization makes recommendations on the declaration of international health emergencies, the naming of diseases, which are then adopted by countries.

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