All precautions should be followed when watching the game at night

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All precautions should be followed if you watch the game at night

World Cup football is going on. There is no end to the frenzy of football lovers about this game. It's a problem when your favorite team loses, and it's a problem when you play unimaginably well.

Experts say that people with heart problems are more likely to have a sudden cardiac attack due to the sudden excitement of watching the game. Overexcitement disrupts the heart's electrical circuits, causing the heart to stop beating. This is called Sudden Cardiac Attack. For this reason, psychologists prohibit watching the game alone if the tension is too high. According to them, it is not right to watch the game alone if you are under a lot of tension. Instead, take the company of someone who can be very stress-free when you're around. His company will reduce your stress.

Grab some healthy snacks when you stay up late watching the game. Stay away from all types of unhealthy food, especially fast food. Instead, keep food made of nuts, vegetables. Avoid fried and high carbohydrate foods. Include as much homemade food and drink in the diet as possible.

Move instead of sitting and watching the game. Sitting for long periods of time can lead to problems ranging from obesity to diabetes and heart disease. Walk indoors occasionally to watch the game.

Many children stay up at night watching World Cup games. There are problems with them too. The problem is, especially with children in the age group of ten to sixteen. There are many games from one in the night. Which will end at half past three. Meanwhile, in school in the morning. Experts say that children will have sleep problems if they watch the game at night. They will become irritable. Food will not be digested. For this reason, even if they watch the game, they have to make up for it by sleeping at other times. Otherwise, the body will deteriorate.

Also, if you watch the game at night, everyone, young and old, may have the problem of 'dehydration'. For this, experts have advised to drink one and a half to two liters of water a day. Doctors say TV is safer than watching apps on mobile. According to them, no sound above 85 decibels should be heard. Over 85 decibels for 1 hour continuously in headphones can cause permanent deafness. Experts have advised to be careful in this regard.

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