How to save the child from fever-cold in winter

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child from fever-cold in winter

How to save the child from fever-cold in winter?

The weather is changing. Remaining under the open sky can feel the ice. The skin is starting to tighten. Children should take extra care during this winter. Because children are suffering from fever, cold and cough if they get a little cold. Experts have told what to do to save from this problem.

At this time of seasonal change, make sure that children's food is high in vitamin C and iron. For example, eat foods like lemon, tomato, strawberry, broccoli. Additionally give new winter vegetables to food.

If the child has a cold, the less meat you give him, the better. Because meat contains a lot of protein. This can lead to the formation of mucus inside the throat. As a result, the child's discomfort will increase.

Sleep is essential for babies. It is said that youngsters need something like 11 to 14 hours of rest. It increases their immunity.

Children should emphasize on cleanliness during winter. Care should be taken that they bathe regularly. But they should be bathed with lukewarm water and not cold water. It will strengthen the body. If the child is very small, you can bathe him with water heated by the sun.

Chocolate, candy, sweets are most harmful for baby. Especially during cold weather. Too much sugar slows down the production of white blood cells in the blood. It reduces immunity. As a result, you may catch cold easily. In this way, keep chocolate, treats, desserts from child.

Send the child outside to play during this cold season. As it will be actual activity, the psyche will be great. But they should be asked to return home before evening.

Children's water intake decreases during cold weather. Keep in mind how much water is required for the baby's body at this time. Give him that amount of water. It will keep up with balance in the child's body.

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