Facebook-Instagram will protect teenagers

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Facebook-Instagram will protect teenagers

According to a recent study, the risk of cyberbullying is increasing at an alarming rate worldwide. Most victims are women and minors. This crime is mainly committed through the social networks Facebook and Instagram. It is known that around 87 percent of cyberbullying occurs on Facebook. As a result, Facebook and Instagram have released new privacy updates to protect minors.

Meta, owned by the 2 corporations, aforesaid the new privacy feature would defend minors. From now on, "default" privacy settings will be set for young people under the age of 16 when they open an account on Facebook or Instagram. Who can see their friends list, who can see the list of people they follow, who can see the list of pages, who can tag, this is set in advance by Meta?

Meta said it will remove the "Messages" button from teens' accounts in the coming days. As a result, any adults who are not added to the friend list will not have a chance to disturb them.

The idea is that the new privacy tool can shield users from cyberbullying, whereas additionally serving to them connect with peers across age teams.

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