The British Prime Minister has resigned

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Liz Truss

The British Prime Minister has resigned

UK Prime Minister Liz Truss has resigned a month and a half after taking office. He announced his resignation as the shortest Prime Minister in the history of the United Kingdom. He proclaimed his resignation in associate address to the state ahead of No.10 Downing Street today at noon local time in London.

The UK economy is reeling from inflation. Liz Truss announced to step down at such a time. Prior to this, Trus Cabinet Home Minister Suella Braverman resigned on Wednesday.

For the past few days, there was a lot of uproar in the administration of the Trust. Some MPs from the Conservative Party have been demanding Truss' resignation.

Boris Johnson was forced to depart the post of Prime Minister of the UK once being concerned in numerous scandals together with partying reception amid the Corona restrictions. Liz Truss, the foreign minister in Boris's government, was elected party leader by a vote of Conservative Party members. He took over as Top state leader on September 6. His resignation came after 45 days. Before this, George Canning was the prime minister for only 119 days in 1927.

Truss came to Parliament as an MP in 2010. After serving as an MP for four years, he was appointed to the cabinet.

Truss held key positions in the governments of David Cameron and Theresa May. He became the Foreign Secretary in 2021.

Truss's parents were leftists even though he is a conservative politician. The truss was a teenage member of the moderate Liberal Democrats.

At the age of 19, Liz Truss came into the discussion calling for the abolition of the monarchy.

Truss, 47, was in favor of the UK remaining in the European Union. That is why he voted against Boris Johnson in the 2016 referendum on leaving the EU.

The Lease Trus problem started on September 23 when the first finance minister of the Lease Trus government, Kawasi Kwarteng, presented a short budget. The announcement of tax cuts therein budget caused volatility within the United Kingdom market. The worth of country pound falls.

The resignation of Prime Minister Truss has plunged the UK into an unprecedented political crisis. Liz Truss said this decision was made after meeting with the chairman of the party's parliamentary committee, Sir Graham Badley, on Thursday. Truss said that the decision to elect the leader of the Conservative Party was also made at the meeting with the party leader next week. He said that he will remain the prime minister until the next prime minister assumes responsibility.

When announcing her resignation, Liz Truss said, we will continue to present our plans to maintain the country's economic stability and national security.

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