Are you taking care of your hair after shampooing

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hair after shampooing

Are you taking care of your hair after shampooing?

Heat means you will sweat more and your hair will be dirtier along with your skin. So, the rate of shampooing will increase. But if the shampoo is not right, the health of the hair will gradually deteriorate, you must know that? First, choose a shampoo that is fairly mild and natural for your hair. All bottled products contain some chemicals. So, rely on shampoos that contain less harmful chemicals. Then choose a good conditioner. Some rules should be kept in mind while shampooing.

Massage the scalp with oil

Before shampooing, massage the scalp with some virgin oil of your choice. It should be seen that no mineral oil or any fragrance is mixed in the oil. Cold pressed coconut oil, olive oil or almond oil can be applied on the scalp. The better you massage; the more blood circulation will increase. Hair that is loose at the root will fall out; new hair will grow from within. Also, your hair will be soft and supple. If you have a problem with dandruff or dry patches on your scalp, it will also go away.


Wash hair carefully

Towel and towel fabrics are relatively stiff. Using them to dry hair can cause hair breakage due to friction. Sometimes there is a risk of falling from the root. So, choose a soft cotton cloth to dry your hair. In this case it is better to use a cotton cloth. This cloth can gently absorb the water trapped in the hair. Does not damage hair.


Dilute the shampoo

Those who rub their heads every day during the day or when it is very hot, must dilute the shampoo with half water. Start applying the shampoo from the crown of the head, not the forehead. It will make the front hair rough.


Apply conditioner and comb your hair well

After shampooing, apply a good amount of conditioner, then detangle with a wide-toothed comb. It will remove the tangles; the conditioner will spread evenly on the hair. After waiting for three minutes, wash your hair thoroughly with cold water. Be careful not to apply conditioner to the scalp.

Hair ties are prohibited

As everyone knows, wet hair is much more fragile than normal. So, if you tie wet hair after shampooing, there is a risk of hair falling. Apart from that, tying wet hair causes itchiness. May be dandruff. So, tie the hair after drying completely.

Detangle your hair with your fingers

Before using a comb on wet hair, gently run your fingers through the tangles. Hair should not be pulled too tight while detangling. Untangle slowly over time. After detangling, when the hair is fairly dry, comb it with a comb. Remember, combing wet hair is absolutely prohibited.

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