Instagram will verify your age

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Instagram verify your age

Instagram will verify your age

Instagram is very popular among teenagers because of the easy sharing of pictures and videos. Therefore, teenagers always dominate the list of Instagram user growth. According to the photo and video sharing social media policy, the minimum age to open an account is 13 years. But many people under the age of 13 open accounts on Instagram with fake dates of birth. Not only that, they also introduce themselves as adults.

Instagram decided to collect video selfies from teenagers to know their real age. Video selfies collected under this new initiative will be reviewed by facial analysis software to verify the age of users. This will give an idea about the actual age of the teenagers. Currently, the effectiveness of this new method is being tested.

Under this new initiative, the age of teenagers will be verified. Video selfies will be deleted after age verification, Instagram parent company Meta said.

Currently, Instagram authorities are collecting video selfies from users to recover passwords or to recover accounts.

Last March, Instagram authorities introduced new tools for parents to control the time teenagers use Instagram. Using the tool, parents can know how much time their kids are using Instagram. If they want, they can also set the time of use of Instagram for the child.

Source: BBC

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