Instagram remix videos Making with pictures coming

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Instagram remix videos Making with pictures coming

Instagram is very popular among youngsters because of the easy sharing of pictures and videos. Now, to increase the number of their video reels, the social media for sharing photos and videos is launching a new feature called 'Remix Photos'.

Under this new initiative, users will simply produce, remix videos with multiple pictures announce by themselves. Not solely that, remix videos can even be streamed on to Reels. As a result, the quantity of videos and users within the reel can increase.

Everyone will have the opportunity to create, remix videos. However, users can also turn off this opportunity if they want. Instagram said that this new facility will be opened soon.

Recently, Instagram has extended the video creation time in its Reels feature to contend with TikTok. Currently, Instagram Reels will be waiting for ninety seconds of video. Not only that, there is also an opportunity to use the audio files of your choice.

Source: The Verge


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