You can also earn from Facebook Reels

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You can also earn from Facebook Reels

Good information for people who create Facebook Reels is brief movies posted on Facebook. This time you will get earning opportunity from the reels. It will be launched very soon. This feature is currently available from Reels in the US, Canada and Mexico. Recently, the company owned by Facebook, Meta, said so.

In fact, Facebook is taking steps to make the platform more attractive to content creators. Meanwhile, TikTok is banned in some countries, but it is still active in many countries around the world. This decision was also taken to challenge TikTok in those countries.

At the same time, a big change will be in Facebook Reels. From now on, the ads will also be seen in Reels. It is known that two types of banners and stickers can be seen. In the first case, the indicator is displayed below the reels. It will be very transparently there. Meanwhile, in the case of the stickers, it can be stopped in the Reels. Users can use it as they like.

Meanwhile, the reels will share, remix or story as well as new features are being brought. A minute of video can be made and saved in the draft. There will be opportunities for subscriptions. All in all, the Zuckerberg company is trying to pour the reels.

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