Are you storing fruits and vegetables properly

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fruits and vegetables

Are you storing fruits and vegetables properly?

Vegetables or fruits, everything is expensive. Many people have the habit of buying a lot if they get it a little cheaper. And after bringing home most of it is stored in the fridge? Did you see that most of them were rotten after a few days? Many foods are afraid of rotting or losing taste even after being kept in the refrigerator. So let's know how to store fruits and vegetables for a long time-


Do you keep tomatoes in the fridge? Almost everyone makes this mistake! Store tomatoes seed-side down on a wooden tray without refrigerating them. Keeping tomatoes in a dark but ventilated place outside the fridge will help them ripen more slowly. Only refrigerate tomatoes once they are ripe.

Potatoes and onions

Never store potatoes and onions together, both will spoil quickly. Place the potatoes in a basket under the bed or sofa. Onions are best in paper bags. However, you must make several holes on the thong with a punching machine.


Garlic should be kept just like an onion. Punching some holes in the paper thong is absolutely necessary. Garlic will last longer if there is air circulation.


Do not put fruits like apples, bananas, lemons together, put each in a separate basket. Bought bananas a little green? If so, don't separate it from the tears, just wrap the bottom side in cling film. Remove one banana at a time and rewrap in cling wrap.

Green onion

Use the green side of green onions or spring onions. Place the white part in a glass vial and add water. If you keep it in the kitchen, you will see the onion tree growing.


No need to wash after bringing home. Store with a basket in a dark but ventilated place. Wash before cooking.

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