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Rare blood group


blood group

Only 10 people have been found to have rare blood group


There are mainly 4 blood group - O, A, B and AB. Blood group is determined by genes inherited from parents. A blood type is either positive or negative, depending on the presence or absence of proteins in the red blood cells.

If the protein is present in the blood cells, the blood group will be positive. And if there is no protein in the blood, the blood group will be negative. Experts say that those with blood group 'O' are universal donors. People with 'AB' blood group are omnivores.

However, recently a negative blood group blood has been found which cannot be classified as A, B, O or AB. So this blood group is called a unique blood group.

Recently, this rare blood type was found in a 65-year-old resident of Gujarat, India. He is a heart patient. Doctors say that the blood of this group has been found in someone's body in India.

Actually, the blood group can be divided according to 24 types of system. Besides, there are 375 types of antigens in the blood. Among them, EMM is the largest. This is the normal situation.

However, only 10 people in the world lack this EMM high frequency antigen. That is why their blood type is rare. The saddest thing is that people with this rare negative blood type cannot take blood from anyone, or even give blood to anyone.

It is known that this blood group was found in the body of only 9 people in the whole world. But if the 65-year-old man from Gujarat is caught, there are for 10 people. This rare blood has been found in the body of only 10 people in the whole world.

Everyone's blood has a special protein on the surface of red blood cells. However, this rare blood group lacks that protein. And this is what separates these people from us.

Source: Times of India

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