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smartphone apps are stealing personal information

smartphone apps are stealing personal information

36 smartphone apps are stealing personal information


Using smartphone apps is becoming a challenge day by day. Hackers are using these apps to steal data. Malware is being inserted into the smartphone through the app. Another name for danger is malware.

As the use of smartphones has steadily increased over the past decade, so has the activity of hackers. Downloading any app from Google Play Store as required. Be it new or old. In the meantime, malware is killing the bug.

This danger exists even in apps that are new and have been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times from the Play Store. Statistics show that around 10 million people around the world have downloaded this malware-laden app. About 36 apps have been reported recently.

The disguises in these mowers are also quite interesting, some edits pictures and some change wallpapers and themes. Some even disguise themselves as virtual keyboards. But ultimately all of them are malware, which can cause serious harm to users.

Dr. Web has named some of these apps. Let's know about those apps. If you have these apps on your smartphone, delete them quickly. Don't just delete the app. Along with this, all data related to these apps should be deleted. That can save you from malware.

Several apps have already been removed from the Google Play Store. Some apps still remain. Apart from that, if the app removed from Play Store is downloaded on a customer's smartphone, it has to be manually deleted.

Some apps are named: -


01.                Photo Editor: Retouch and Cutout

02.                 Photo Editor: Art Filters

03.                 Photo Editor: Design Maker

04.                 Photo Editor & Background Eraser

05.                 Photo and Axif Editor

06.                 Photo Editor: Filter Effects

07.                 Photo Editor: Blur Image

08.                 Photo Editor: Cut, Paste

09.                 Emoji Keyboard: Stickers & GIFs

10.                 Neon theme keyboard

11.                 Neon theme android keyboard

12.                 Case cleaner

13.                 Fast Cleaner: Case Cleaner

14.                 Caller Skin - Caller Themes

15.                 Funny collar

16.                 Pen phone theme

17.                Incl: contact background

18.                 Michael-Call Personalization

19.                Caller theme

20.                 Funny Wallpapers-Live Screen

21.                4K Wallpapers Out Changer

22.                New screen: 4D Wallpapers

23.                 Stock Wallpapers and Backgrounds

24.                 Notes - Reminders and Lists

25.                Photo Editor: Beauty Filters



Source: Hindustan Times


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