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Flying hotel

Flying hotel


Now the luxury hotel will float in the sky. Although it sounds a bit surprising, an aircraft called 'Sky Cruise' has been designed, which is basically a huge floating hotel.

The capacity of this luxury hotel is also high. It can carry more than five thousand passengers. The giant nuclear-powered aircraft can stay afloat for months once it takes off.

This floating hotel can accommodate up to 5,000 guests. The floating hotel will have a warship-like dock to accommodate new passengers. Little planes can take off and land there.

The AI powered aircraft will have 20 nuclear-powered engines. It is designed in such a way that it can stay in the sky for months.

Passenger take-off and landing and mechanical fault checks will all be midair. The aircraft was originally designed by a man named Tony Homeston. Another person named Hashem Al-Ghaili made a video of the futuristic aircraft based on that design. He also shared the video on YouTube. According to him, the Sky Cruise transport system is the wonder of the future.

In the video shared by Hashem, many people have asked, how well the plane run without a driver? Hashem said in reply, what is the need for the pilot of this high-tech aircraft? It will be unique.

This huge aircraft will require many workers for other tasks. It will have restaurants, gyms, shopping malls, cinema halls and even swimming pools. The design shows the aircraft as a sample of some luxurious rooms, which can be used for weddings or other occasions. However, many disagree with the design. Many have commented that the design of the aircraft evaded many basic aspects of science. Many have said that once a nuclear reactor malfunctions and a plane crashes because of it, it can easily wipe out a city.

The video of this luxury giant plane already floating has gone viral on the net.

Source: Forbes

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