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Facebook comment section

How to close Facebook comment section?


We go through the vast majority of our day looking at online entertainment. When he gets time between work, he peeks on Facebook. After posting a picture or giving a status, go back again and again to see who commented what. But many times this comment becomes a cause of irritation.

It is often seen that many people make offensive comments on Facebook posts, which can affect the mind. So you can control Facebook post comments as per your need. You can switch it off in the event that you need. You can also hide from specific people.

To control comments on Facebook posts, the post's privacy option must be 'Private' or 'Friends' instead of 'Public'. No one in your friend's list can comment on it.

But if you want to close the comment box or comment section completely, then-

>> Click on the three dots icon at the top right of the post you made on Facebook.

>> There you will get 'Who can comment on this post? Option. Select it.

>> Now, turn on the 'Profiles and Pages you mention' option.


Source: Business Insider

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