Tips for using perfume

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Tips for using perfume


The use of perfume is essential in the morning, hot afternoon, and even in the rainy afternoon. There is no substitute for perfume to keep you refreshed in the busyness of the day and night. Apart from that, this perfume is the only hope to get rid of the stench of sweat and stay in full bloom all day long. But the scent of the perfume disappears in less than half of the day. Follow some rules and tips to overcome this problem. It will be fragrant and lively throughout the day, even with the use of a little perfume.


Some rules for using perfume:


Understand the place and choose the perfume. Before you go anywhere, understand what kind of perfume is better to use there.

You can use light perfume in a closed area and hard perfume in open space.

Do not use extra perfume. The smell can be a problem for anyone else. He may even get sick.

Use perfume to match your personality. Know beforehand which scent you like. Choose something sweet or flowery or something intense and spicy, whatever you think.

Buy the brand of perfume that you like. It is better not to buy another's favorite brand.

The scent of perfume that is good for others may not be good for you. So before buying perfume, check your skin.

Where to use perfume is also important. If you want to get a good scent, you can put it on the wrists, behind the ears and on the neck. Then the scent will last longer.

It is best not to use strong perfumes at work. Other colleagues may be upset.

Many people use perfume in sweat. It creates a strong odor. Others are the cause of suffering.

Do not use perfume on clothes. There is a possibility of spoiling the cotton yarn.

Perfume lasts a long time in the body.

If left unmanaged, they can be left astray and lose the right path. It is better not to go in front of people using old perfume.


Here are some perfume tips:


The simple formula for choosing perfume is to use perfume according to the clothes. Light clothing has a soothing scent. And you can use a little strong scent on gorgeous clothes.

The pores open during bathing. For this reason, if the perfume is used immediately after bathing, the hair follicle fragrance will be attracted a lot. Perfume stays for a long time.

The fragrance can vary depending on the skin type. Fragrances last longer on oily skin. And goes away quickly on dry skin.

The scent of perfume from skin to hair lasts longer. To get best results, spray perfume in the comb and comb the whole hair once.


Use perfume before wearing any jewelry. Otherwise, the color of the jewelry will be damaged.

Store perfume in a dry, cool place. Be sure to keep out of direct sunlight.

Light and long-lasting perfume suitable for warmth. Fresh fruit, ice cool, lavender, rose perfume can be used. You can choose spicy and wood collection during the rainy season. Some perfumes are used exclusively for night and day.

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