Kim Kardashian ruined Monroes gown

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Marilyn Monroe

Kim Kardashian 'ruined' Monroe's gown


19 May 1972. World-renowned American actress, music star, model and fashion icon Marilyn Monroe appeared in New York's Third Madison Square Garden in a body-hugging nude bold silk gown. The dress caught everyone's eye that day. 10 days later was the 45th birthday of the then President of the United States John F. Kennedy. Monroe sang the same song in front of 15,000 spectators that day, "Happy Birthday, Mr. President." That moment and that dress became a witness of history. Body Hugging appeared at the Met Gala on May 2, 2022, followed by Kim Kardashian. In the middle 70 years, no one wore the dress. No one, about a month and a half after the Met Gala, the controversy started around that dress.


Kim Kardashian wore the dress for a very short time at the Met Gala. She was spotted in the gown just as she was walking the red carpet. With this, he uses a white woolen stole or scarf. Because, despite trying, Kim could not put the back chain in any way. So it was open. He used a stole to cover it. But for another reason, he took the stall in his hand. I'll tell you later. Within two minutes of walking down the red carpet at the Met Gala, Kim wore a fake dress that looked similar to her own body size, instead of the original one. However, he did not hide the matter.


Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum bought the dress in 2016 for 4.8 million. This means that they bought the garment for about 44 crore, 80 lakh Bangladeshi rupees. It was then recognized as the most expensive garment in the world. Kim wore the costume, borrowed from museum authorities. Photographer Scott Fortner took some pictures of Kim's recently submitted dress. In that picture, many of the rhinestone gowns, like tiny pieces of more than 6,000 diamonds, have fallen off the back of their bodies. Many are hanging on the thread of the gown again.


Authorities at the Ripley's Believe It or Not museum did not claim responsibility for the attack. This dress is one of the most important elements in the history of pop culture in the United States, he wrote in a statement. The garment has been stored with utmost care. Kim Kardashian even walked on the red carpet for a few minutes and then took off her original dress and put on a replica.


Kim tried her best to make the dress fit her body. In just one month, she has lost 18 pounds (6.2 kg). Doctors and nutritionists forbade him to take such risks. But Kim was desperate to get the dress. Kim told the Guardian at the time, When the clothes were first weighed, I cried. Because, my stylist said, I can't wear the dress in any way. In that time, I won't be able to dry as much. But I did not listen to anyone. Desperate to lose weight. I ran on the treadmill for hours and said I didn't eat any sugar. I thought, this dress is a roll. And I have to get there at any cost.


Many are making Kim stand on the fence to ruin Monroe's world-famous outfit. Says, no one can be imagined in this gown except Monroe. He further says that there is no need to exaggerate or force anything. He caused this incident by forcibly pressing the garment on his body. The damage was not captured in the Met Gala photo. Because, at that time, the place where the garment was damaged was covered with stool. That was another reason for using the stole.


Seeing Kim walking at the Met Gala, it was clear that she was not feeling comfortable at all. Can't even walk properly. Pete Davidson, a 28-year-old man, has come forward more than once to catch his 41-year-old girlfriend Kim.

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