Foods that are cooked in a pressure cooker lose their nutritional value

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Foods that are cooked in a pressure cooker lose their nutritional value


In a busy life, there is no time to spend on cooking. In this case, the pressure cooker is the only hope. However, this pressure cooker, one of the most important companions in the kitchen, has some foods that are not cooked at once. This destroys the nutritional value of those foods. Let's find out what kind of food should not be cooked in a pressure cooker.


Something like milk should not be cooked in a pressure cooker at all. Whenever the milk is somewhat hot, it bubbles. So, it is not right to cook anything with milk in a pressure cooker. Cooking is not the only problem; it is a big accident that can happen at any moment. It is better not to cook some food made with milk in a pressure cooker. When cooked in a pressure cooker, it does not taste good. All nutritional value is lost.


On the off chance that the fish is cooked excessively a lot, the taste is lost. The fish breaks. The taste of the curry is lost. So, it is never right to put fish in a pressure cooker. And it takes very little time to cook fish. So, it is better not to cook it in pressure cooker. If the fish is cooked under pressure, it becomes more boiled. If the fish is boiled too much, the taste also goes away. Nutrition is also lost. So, cook the fish in the pan.


Many people boil eggs in a pressure cooker to save time. Boiling eggs require a higher temperature. So, it is best to boil the eggs in an open container. This reduces the risk of the egg bursting. It is better to use a pot bigger than a pressure cooker to know whether the eggs are boiled or not.


Vegetables contain many nutrients. That is why it should not be cooked in a pressure cooker. This destroys the vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients in vegetables. It is always better to cook vegetables in a pan. Even if it is late, the taste and nutritional value will remain.


Many people also cook rice under pressure as it will be done quickly. Rice cooked in a pressure cooker is not good for the body. Cooking rice in a pressure cooker can cause various problems in the body. It is not possible to drop the fan. The fan is mixed with rice. This can lead to weight gain.


After closing the mouth of the pressure cooker, check it thoroughly. Do not open the mouth of the cooker if the steam inside does not come out completely. Wait at least 15 minutes after turning off the stove and open the cooker. Pulses or foods that are overflowing should be cooked in small quantities in a pressure cooker. Accidents can happen if the amount is too much. However, in this case, do not use the old pressure cooker. This increases the risk of accidents.

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