Viber is launching a two-step verification feature

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Viber is launching a two-step verification feature


Rakuten, the world's leading secure and voice-based messaging app, has announced the launch of a new feature called Viber Two-Step Verification. An extra level of security will help users keep their accounts secure by using a PIN code and email.


Viber, a safe and secure platform, is committed to continuously introducing such new features. Viber messaging is already end-to-end encrypted; As a result, third parties are unable to access any of its data and the Disappearing Message feature ensures users are aware of and controls who is viewing their messages. The recently launched Two-Step Verification feature is another example of Viber's firm commitment to privacy and security and will ensure the necessary protection for users when communicating with Viber.


Users who choose to implement the two-step verification feature will need to create a six-digit PIN and verify their email address. To log in to Viber via a mobile device or desktop, users need to provide their personal PIN code to verify the account. If the user forgets the code, he will need to use a verified email address to recover his account.


Also, if you have a PIN code, you can deactivate the account using Viber on the desktop. If any user wants to deactivate a Viber account via desktop, they need to use a pin code.


Viber's new feature will help users implement additional security measures to ensure the privacy of their accounts. Two-step verification prevents users' accounts from being hacked by hackers by sending spam or using personal information.


Reducing the number of non-verified accounts within the platform will not only reduce the number of spam messages on the platform, but also create a more efficient and stable application for users to communicate with loved ones worldwide. In addition, Viber is working to ensure biometric security in the future.


Amir Ish-Shalom, Chief Information Officer of Rakuten Viber, said that the privacy and security of Viber users are always paramount. We are committed to providing users with a secure, end-to-end encrypted messaging app, and we hope that this new feature will take this app to new heights.


"Two-step verification can scale back our users' security considerations and reassure users yet as businesses regarding the most recent technology that Viber is exploitation to stay the platform secure," he said. Viber' ballroom dancing verification feature are disclosed in People's Republic of Bangladesh and alternative countries of the planet terribly soon.

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