Top 10 most sold items in the world

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Top 10 most sold items in the world


Bill Gates, the US billionaire and now the world's fourth billionaire, bought Leonardo da Vinci's handwritten notebook, The Codex Leicester, for more than 30 million Dollars in 1994. Meanwhile, Queen Victoria's 16,000 Dollars underpants have won the title of the most expensive underwear!

Did you know that the world's most expensive painting sold at auction is itself a source of great controversy? Or is that painting or sculpture not the original thought of its creator? From the most expensive coins to underwear or someone's hair... here is a list of the 10 most sold items in the world for the reader today.



Bill Gates

Most Expensive Manuscript: The Codex Leicester


The world's most expensive manuscript sold at auction was Leonardo da Vinci's handwritten notebook, The Codex Leicester, with numerous scientific formulas and sketches. The manuscript is named after Earl Ebbing of Leicester and Thomas Coke, the former owner of the notebook. Bill Gates, a US billionaire and now the world's fourth billionaire, bought it in 1994 for more than 30 million Dollars. The Codex Leicester is written in Vinci's famous 'Mir-Writing' style, and this notebook reflects his unique thinking. For example, scientists have previously said that marine fossils found on mountain tops are completely inorganic. But Vinci came out of that idea and gave groundbreaking new information. Again, it is known from Vinci's notebook, he thought that the moon is covered with water! But for just 30 million Dollars, all ideas will win, it won't work!


Leonardo da vinci


Most Expensive Painting: Salvator Mundi (Leonardo)


Leonardo da Vinci also played the role of the creator of the most expensive paintings after the manuscript. Jesus Christ holds a crystal sphere in his hand - a scene that Vinci painted in this painting called Salvatore Mundi. Readers will be surprised to know that this timeless painting was sold for only 45 Dollars in 1958! But after art collectors Robert Simon and Alexander Parish bought it in 2005, they re-evaluated the painting. As a result, it's really a picture of Vinci's own hand! The diameter, the hue and cry of the buyer's interest began! In 2017, this Salvatore Mundi was sold for 450 million dollars!


Alberto Giacometti

The most expansive sculpture: L'Homme au doigt


Swiss sculptor Alberto Giacometti's sculpture' L'Homme au doigt' or 'Man pointing' is the most expensive sculpture ever sold. Interestingly, however, the artist initially wanted to add a second figure to the sculpture, which the main person in the sculpture would hold in his arms. Although that plan was later scrapped by Alberto, it did not diminish the beauty or value of the sculpture. Decades later, American hedge fund mogul Steve Cohen bought the lone pointer for a record 140 million dollars.



Queens, New York, United States

Most Expensive Sports Team: The New York Mets


Another feat of Steve Cohen is the 'The New York Mets' basketball team. He bought the team in 2020 for 2.4 billion dollars, the most expensive of any professional sports team.


Rome, Constantinople, Nicomedia, Sirmium, Ravenna

The most expensive empire: The Roman Empire


Calling the Roman Empire the most expensive empire would probably be a bit extravagant, as it is today. Because we don't know for sure if there was anything more expensive than that. But did you know that the Roman Empire was sold at auction at a price of 25,000 sistars per soldier? The previous emperor, Partinux, was assassinated by a Pretorian guard. Didius Julianus was the highest bidder at the auction and was later made head of state. But soon a civil war broke out in the empire, and he was beheaded.


George Washington's

The most expensive gun: George Washington's pistol


This information may have been unknown to many for so long. George Washington's saddle pistol set was sold at a record price at one auction. It sold for 2 million dollars in 2002. However, the pistols were in the possession of Andrew Jackson for some years. But the real owner of these pistols was everyone's favorite Frenchman, Marquis de Lafayette.


Queen Victoria's underwear

The most expensive lingerie: Queen Victoria's lingerie


Queen Victoria's 16,000 dollars Underpants have won the title of the most expensive lingerie ever bought! Another special feature of this underwear with the initials 'VR' of the Queen's name, Victoria Regina, was that it could be taken to the tailor and changed to the desired shape.



Elvis Presleys Hair

Most Expensive Hair: Elvis Presley's Hair


The world's most expensive hair was auctioned off in November 2002 for 115,000 dollars, by American singer and actor Elvis Presley. It is known that in April 2003, a few months after buying Presley's hair, more hair was sold at the same auction house claiming to be Elvis Presley's hair! But after the DNA test, doubts were raised about the authenticity of the hair sold for the second time. As a result, the auction house returned the money to the buyer. Not only that, the chairman of the auction house was also sentenced to 20 months imprisonment for this incident.



Most Expensive Typewriter: Cormac McCarthy Typewriter


A typewriter from the handwritten typewriter era sold for 140,000 dollars in 2019. But that is not the most expensive typewriter. Earlier, in 2009, American author Cormac McCarthy's light blue "Olivetti Lettera 32" typewriter was sold for one-fourth of a million dollars.


The 1933 Double Eagle Coin

The Most Expensive Coin: The 1933 Double Eagle Coin


The journey of the world's most expensive coin began with Theodore Roosevelt. The 20-dollar double eagle coin was designed by sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens. With the help of Roosevelt, the inscription 'In God We Trust' was removed from the initial design. When the production of gold double eagle coins was stopped, some coins were still kept secret. Federal agents found them and destroyed 9 out of 10. The rest of this one coin was collected by King Farouk of Egypt. It once passed from Farouk to Stephen Fenton, a British coin dealer. He then sold it in New York in 1996. It returned to the United States from Fenton and was sold at auction in 2002 for a record 7.6 million. In 2021, the double eagle coin was auctioned again. This time it sold for 18.9 million dollars!


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