Beer is made from urine

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Beer is made from urine


Beer is one among the foremost standard alcoholic beverages within the world. Beer usually requires a lot of water, and 90 percent of this drink is water. Singapore's water company is bringing a new type of beer called Newbrew. Which is done primarily through the purification of sewage urine and wastewater.


Newbrew is a special liquid that is purified with sewage water and supplied to Singapore's water pipeline.


The Singapore-based water company recently launched the new drink, which is already being sold in Singapore's bars and shops. The Singaporean government has taken such steps to eliminate water pollution.

The BBC journalist Monica Miller has recently researched this specially prepared beer.


‘Newbrew’ is made with German barley and Norwegian East. The main ingredient in any beer is water. However, the water used here is special. Its name is 'newater'. It has been in Singapore for over 20 years.

Any beer is made with 95 percent water. The sewage water used in this special beer from Singapore is safe to drink as it is purified in the many steps and used through rigorous testing.

But how to drink this beer? When Miller asked a few people sitting in a bar in Singapore, one of them replied: 'It's good to eat. Looks like I can have quite a bit of beer. It goes down the throat very easily. '


He asks another, assuming that I told you, it's brew made with newater, what might you say?


He said, no, I have no problem eating it. The beer is delicious to drink.


Singapore has a water crisis for several years. Surrounded by water, the country still has a shortage of potable water. The government has taken various methods to solve this problem.


Water imported from Malaysia and collected rainwater meet only 50 percent of the demand for potable water. The rest of the demand is met from newater and purified seawater.


Experts predict that Singapore's water demand will double by 2060. Then the country will have to lean more towards such new sources of water.


Ryan Yoon, a public utility official in Singapore, told the BBC: Even though it comes from the sewers, people are beginning to believe that it is pure water. We want to make them more aware of this.


At a time when climate change is having a major impact around the world, such projects have been undertaken in parts of China and the United States, in addition to Singapore.

The densely populated Singapore does not want to let a single golden water point of their country fail.


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